Zomba specimens include:

Aegirine – This silicate mineral occurs abundantly, and in aesthetic large and well crystallised specimens, with a huge variation in form, associations and size. The crystals are dominantly very lustrous prismatic crystals, with simple to steep tapered sharp terminations. Clusters of elongate crystals can form aggregates resembling haystacks. The Ageririne is often associated with small white Microcline Feldspar crystals or beige doubly terminated Zircon crystals.

Quartz – An abundance of Quartz is common within any batch of Mt Malosa material.  The Quartz is most commonly clear and colourless. However, inclusions of acicular Aegirine produce green to almost black crystals. Smoky Quartz is also common. The habits of some of the Quartz specimens are somewhat unusual. Most are the common hexagonal shape but some crystals display an extremely flattened form. Many Quartz crystals have overgrown Aegirine. A few Quartz specimens have included yellow to dull orange impurities that are identified as oxidised included fibrous Aegirine. Quartz is associated most commonly with Aegirine and Potassium Feldspar, as well as Zircon.

Zircon – Some are opaque, light brown tetragonal crystals, but rarely gemmy, transparent orange crystals.

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